Diving Adventures

Over it's history, Kish Sub Aqua Club has visited hundreds if not thousands of different dive sites around Ireland and beyond. There's always a few good stories that stand out, the remarkable tales that only seem to get better with each passing year (and pint ;-). Here's just a small selection from some of the more recent trips our members have been on.

The Wreck of the Kowloon Bridge

The end of 1986 saw Ireland experiencing one of its worst oil pollution disasters when the super tanker Kowloon Bridge ended its transatlantic journey on The Stags, off Toe Head, West Cork. The journey started at Quebec, Canada for the River Clyde, Scotland in November 1986 with almost 2,000 tonnes of fuel oil and a dry cargo of 160,000 tonnes of British Steel owned marble sized iron ore pellets.

Inish Bofin it Ain't

This was the title of my e mail I sent to the Kish members who were Club Diver grade and above in February 2008. The unless part was moving it 1000 miles east and 1500 miles north, the place you would have to move was an Island call Santa Maria, 15km long 8km wide, one of the nine islands that make up the Azorean Archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean. Despite warning of a strenuous week of long days, lifting and drying gear (no change there for Irish divers) a party of 6 divers put there name down for the trip.