Learn to Dive

Weekly training

We go swimming in the Guinness Pool on Watling Street on Wednesday nights, between 8 and 9 p.m. We’ve been known to play underwater rugby occasionally, and the steam room and sauna up the top of the pool help us to wind down afterwards… We have run try a dive nights on Wednesdays during the year - between 8-9pm in the Guinness Pool, address above. For details you can contact our training officer kishtrainingofficer@gmail.com. There is no charge or commitment required for this, it is simply a give it a go and see if you like it then you could look at the possibility of taking this interest further.

What you can see on a dive

The most common question asked by people who have a passing interest in diving is “What is there to see down there?” There seems to be a perception that Irish Seas are dull and uninteresting, when in fact quite the opposite is true. Cold waters of the earths seas such as the Irish Sea and the Atlantic ocean are in fact very alive. Granted visibility in Dublin Bay is not the red sea - you can see photos of one of the club trips at the red sea on our

Fairplay to Kish member Rob Bolger for getting this piece of video when we were returning to port.

Below is a short video shot in Donegal during 2009. It shows a couple of members of the club and a Crayfish.